Stand-out Features

Light Head – Smallest & brightest

Light weight and compact size Of 65cm diameter. makes this an effective light head.The operative function of the light becomes an easy task.This sleek and supple light head delivers a maximum Illumination Of 160,000 lux with 70 LEDs.

Endo Mode

Vivid illuminates the OR field with the 5% of Maximum intensity in Endmode to operate in darkroom.

Compatible light head

The numerous provisions and the flat construction of this uniquely designed light head makes light compatible to LAMINAR FLOW OR.

Equipped with a special mechanism to suit LOW CEILING ORs without Limiting Arm and Dome rotation.

Control System (electronic)

The illumination intensity and focus are Controlled electronically at the light head in 10 steps & 3 steps respectively.

Optimized shadow free view

The brilliant structure of the light head achieves 71% of intensity with one mask. The spread of 70 LEDs and its associated reflectors and lenses deliver an optimized shadow free view.

Wall Control (optional)

The compact 12″ wall control, control light on/off, intensity & focus adjustment.